Sound engine for mobile devices and the web

Methcla is a sound synthesis engine specially designed for mobile devices. Whether you want to write a software synthesizer for the iPad, develop an artistic application for Android phones or need an interactive soundscape for your mobile game, Methcla is for you!

Methcla is open source and available under a permissive license for use in commercial or non-commercial projects of any size. We are approaching the first point release, follow us on Twitter for updates!

Light-weight and flexible

Methcla is based on a node tree processing structure heavily inspired by SuperCollider. Synthesis nodes are organized in a hierarchy of groups and a simple but flexible bus system allows any routing scheme imaginable. No maximum number of voices, no channel limitations.

Designed for dynamic applications

Synthesis nodes can be created dynamically in realtime and controlled sample accurately through a simple C API that makes interfacing the engine to other languages easy. On top of that, we provide a comprehensive C++ API that's fun to work with.

Built for mobile speed

Methcla is specifically designed for mobile and tablet operating systems — currently we support iOS, Android and PNaCl. The engine is written in portable C++ and performance critical parts are optimized using current mobile processor vector instructions.

Latest Tweets

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@Methcla @rbrown46 We want to add a #Faust backend, though. 2014-08-03 15:15:48 +0200

@Methcla @rbrown46 Thanks, Ryan! SynthDefs are defined in C code plugins and are meant to be larger logical units than UGens. 2014-08-03 15:14:56 +0200

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